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Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2023

Preventative Care for the End of the Year

2022 is coming to an end. Now, it's the time of the year that you reflect on everything that happened or did not happen, good and bad things, expected and unexpected things, and more. The end or the beginning of a year is an important time to take preventive care of your health so you can enjoy the holidays without worry.  

Preventive care is the process of staying healthy, for example, an annual checkup, like, health screenings for high blood pressure and cholesterol, immunizations, cancer screenings and flu shots.  

Most preventive care services are folded into what you already pay for your health insurance – so you won't pay a single extra cent for it.  

By law, most health plans are required to cover eligible preventive services at 100%.  With the preventive care taken care of and the confirmation that your health is good, there's nothing better than starting a new year fitness resolution for 2023.  

How To Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Some things never changed, one of these things is the New Year’s Resolutions that year after year, you or your friend decide to start being healthier, but it gets complicated by the first week of February or even before, and by March, you already forgot about your promises.

But how about you fulfill your New Year's resolution for 2023? We separated five strategies for you to keep going even when it's hard and not give up on your goals before the end of 2023.

Get Specific About Your Goals Sources for these?

You have to be real with yourself. Do you want to lose or gain weight? How do you want to do that? How many times a week are you going to the gym? Your goal must be specific, measurable and achievable. You also need to write down your goal and remember to take a look everyday so you don’t forget.  

Start a Training Journal

If you are going to write down your goals, starting a training journal is also a good idea. You will find that keeping a diary or blog is motivating, fascinating and very useful. If you find a newly defined shape creeping up on your thighs, you can check out what exercises you were focusing on the last few weeks. You can check your weekly and daily process, which is an incentive so you don’t give up.  

Learn A New Activity

This is a hard task, but it’s 100% worthwhile. It doesn’t need to be everyday or every week, but it’s important to try to learn at least one new activity every month so you can keep motivated. Whether it’s a surfing at the beach, horseback riding or a tennis lesson at your local club, giving something a new try will force your brain and body to master new motor patterns. It’s absorbing, fun and ultimately more rewarding than more of the same tasks.

Find balance in Your Fitness Activities

It’s really important to have a balance of different activities in your regime – including some strength work, some flexibility training and some aerobic exercise. You will reduce your risk of injury or burnout, gain fitness in neglected areas and you will almost certainly improve your performance in your favorite activity, too.

Increase Fruits and Vegetables

Yes. I know you probably won’t like this one, but if you want to pursue a healthier lifestyle, you need eat more fruits and vegetables. The combination of these two are packed with health-promoting, disease-fighting phytonutrients, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and ideally you should be consuming five to eight portions a day. To substitute fast food, steak or pizza with fruits and vegetables is not the most convincing thing in the world, but it is worth it.  

In 2023, don’t let the laziness take control of your body, be active, respect your health and most importantly, don’t give up on your goals. A new year’s resolution for you might not be the most important thing in your life, but even if it is a small goal, it is important to persevere until the end. After all, if you can’t perform a simple and easy goal, you won’t be ready to satisfy yourself with bigger goals.