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5 Tips For Staying Healthy In The Fall

5 Tips for Staying Healthy in the Fall

Summer has gone, and it is time for fall. The Autumn season means cooler temperatures, leaves falling, popular sports are back on TV, Thanksgiving is around the corner, and more. With the weather changing, it is essential to be more conscious of your health and be on the lookout for things like dry or cracked skin after a warm shower; if your blood pressure is okay with the cooler season; and if you're ingesting enough vitamin D to help your body fight off colds and the flu. Since it is crucial to take care of your health in this season, we've highlighted five important tips for staying healthy in the fall. 

1. Take Advantage of Daylight Savings

During the first weekend of November, we’ll have to turn our clocks back one hour, which means one more hour of sleep at least. Starting on November 6, the sun will set shortly after 5 p.m., and the days will be shorter, whether you like it or not. Sleep is very important for your overall health, as it has many physiological benefits -- benefits that affect your mental and physical well-being. It is important to sleep well during this time changing, so you are able to improve your performance at work or school, decrease the risk of a heart disease, and develop a stronger immune system. The goal is to get between seven and nine hours of sleep so your body can rest and ensure your mind is ready for the next day. 

2. Stay Active

Fall is arguably the best time to get involved in outdoor activities because the weather is not as hot as it can be in the summer and not too cold like the winter. In other words, it’s perfect. There are many outdoor activities suitable for all ages that can help keep your body healthy during the cooler months:

  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Sports
  • Frisbee
  • Gardening

And more!

Yes, gardening is a healthy outdoor activity for everyone. Like the plants you're taking care of, you can soak up the beautiful weather and get some sun. If you have time, you can start the day walking outside before you go to work, or take an evening walk by yourself or with your pet. We aren't forgetting sports, of course. Fall is the season of sports; college and pro football are back and the NBA basketball playoffs begin, which means that fall is a prime time to get a group of friends together and play in the park or your backyard. Play catch with your pet or your children; grab a friend and go play some golf; or make a lunch and take it to the nearest hiking destination.

3. Eat Seasonal Foods

Fall is an excellent time to go play outside and be active, but it is also a time to stay cozy and warm inside the house. Of course, this leads to cooking and baking seasonal foods. Many of these seasonal foods provide nutritious benefits to your body and contribute greatly to your health. Honey-roasted sweet potatoes contain fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C -- both of which have good antioxidant properties. Chicken & White Bean soup is one example of a recipe that contains proteins, carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Apples are a versatile fruit that can be pressed into juice, turned into cider, baked in a pie, eaten raw, and much more. Filled with vitamins, antioxidants and boron -- an element that increases the rate neurons fire in your brain -- apples are a wonderful seasonal food to add to your diet.

4. Schedule a Check-Up with Your Doctor

After an intense summer full of activities, trips, and hangouts, maybe you didn’t make time to get a check-up with your doctor. Well, now this time has come. Doing a complete check-up in the fall is very important for preventing yourself from the flu, cold, or any other serious infections that can cause due to the weather cooling down. Regular checkups help you and your doctor keep an eye on your immune system, ultimately preventing illness and catching the early signs of illness if you were to catch a cold.

5. Set Aside Time for Yourself

The fall season can be hectic with many family events like Thanksgiving and other family get-togethers. And as much as you can love your family, a sequence of events and the hunt to buy presents and find the perfect outfit for Christmas can make you tired and overwhelmed. It is important that you can find time to rest for a better mental health, to improve your mood and emotions, and to reduce stress, which is maybe the best benefit for this season of holidays. Rest is good, whatever "rest" means to you -- watching a tv show, exercising, reading, sleeping or even doing nothing.

There’s always time to rest; it is your job to find it.

Your Health is Important Year-Round

Whether you miss the high temperatures of summer or excited for a cooler weather, Fall has arrived bringing it's bringing an excellent set of attractions like hiking, hosting a bonfire in the backyard, riding a bike, the launching of your local farmers market, and more. If you don’t like any of these attractions, you can stay at home, warm and cozy. After all, it's fall.

Staying healthy is important year-round. With open enrollment just around the corner and the fall having already begun, it's important to make sure your health insurance needs are met. If you need to go to the doctor because you caught the flu, or even just a head cold, having health insurance can cut the cost of your doctors visits. AX Health Insurance can help you get low-cost health insurance with great coverage.

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