5 Last-Minute Tips for Open Enrollment in November, 2022

This time of the year brings wonderful things to look forward to, like fall, pumpkin pie, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more. Another important thing that comes with this season -- and may not be on your priority list -- is the Health Insurance Open Enrollment for 2023. The open enrollment period is an important moment where is one of the few times you are able to make changes to your health plan during the year, and identify the best benefits who comes with it. You can find more information about Open Enrollment in our website.


Open enrollment is once a year, and it runs from November 1 to December 15, and if you miss this critical deadline, you may also miss out on coverage in 2023. If you still don't know how to prepare, here are five tips for last-minute enrollment that will help you.

1. Compare health insurance costs

When looking for health insurance, you must compare and analyze which one fits best for you. There are several health insurance plans with different costs, and choosing the right one is extremely important. Consider your budget and your current health needs. While searching for a plan that fits your needs, AX Health will always consider your budget and strive to give our clients the best service. We can help find you the best coverage between monthly premiums, provider network and the level of coverage.

2. Consider future health costs

You cannot predict if you or your family will need a non-usual type of health costs in the future. This time of the year is important to check about how your health issues and concerns are changing and if you have a planned surgery or require any type of medical equipment. If you think that you might deal with situations like these, AX Health Insurance can guide you through the process and help you find the right health insurance plan for you and your family.

3. Check out the health plan’s provider network

Finding a plan with a network that allows you to continue seeing your doctors is important -- changing doctors because of health insurance changes can be a hassle. In emergency situations, your priority is getting medical help, not searching for a hospital that takes your health insurance. If you end up at a hospital that doesn't take your health insurance provider, you may be left with a large bill. Our innovative system allows our expert advisors to see your doctors' accepted networks in seconds.

4. Be aware of changes in your current plan

Changes can be stressful in any situation: for example, changing places to live, changing routines, changing jobs, and more. Depending on when you decide to apply for open enrollment, the changes in your current plan can be good or bad. In addition to the number of employers adding more voluntary benefits, your current benefits could also be different, even if you plan to stick with the status quo. If you have any doubts, AX Health Insurance can answer your questions and help with all the necessary changes.

5. Study Up On Health Insurance

We save the apparent tip for the last so you can remember to check your health insurance after you read our blog. Health insurance is the most significant component of your benefits. It refers to a contract that requires an insurer to pay a portion or all of an individual’s health care costs in exchange for a premium. Health insurance typically pays for expenses obtained through medical, surgical and prescription and drug needs. Health insurance is important to eliminate chances of medical expenses accumulating after a rough medical issue or treatment. You can read more about this on our Health Insurance 101 Guide.

Time to Take Action

The end of the year is the busiest season for events and holidays, but it’s extremely important to be aware of your health insurance. Open enrollment starts in less than a month, and the process to change or enroll in health insurance plans is complicated, especially if it's your first time enrolling in a health insurance plan. AX Health Insurance can guide you through the process and help with more tips about open enrollment. We would be more than happy to answer your questions and help you get the coverage you need.