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10 Best Health Apps of 2023

Social media and the internet have influenced health in many different ways over the past few years. Information is much more readily available about how to be the best version of yourself – and there is a lot of it. Now, all you have to do is go on the app store and download one of the thousands of health apps to get started.  

The pandemic caused so many of us to not only work at home but work out at home. People began to take up remote work outs and attempt to start healthier habits at home. Now that people are used to staying in their homes and avoiding a physical gym, these health apps are even more popular! The only question is which ones are actually helpful for improving your health?  

According to Forbes, over 62% of people’s New Year’s Resolutions are fitness and mental health related and 52% of people plan on using a resource like an app to tackle those goals. However, only 11% of people stick to their goals more than one month. This is why utilizing the right resources is so important to maximize your health resolutions!

There are apps for anxiety, sleep, mental health, working out, period tracking, mediation, and so much more! Health is more accessible than ever before. These are resources that everyone should take advantage of!  

We have made a list of what we think are ten of the best health apps on the market right now. These range from fitness to nutrition to women’s health. These can help you be one step closer to maintaining those New Year’s Resolutions in 2023!

  1. Apple Fitness

You can track everything you need with the Apple Fitness app. You can also share your results with friends and set goals! You can track movement, exercise, steps, standing, and calories. It has an awards section to keep you motivated, and fitness and health trends to keep you informed.

  1. Calm

Calm helps promote health and happiness. If your goals are to improve sleep quality, reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus, self-improvement and the like, then Calm is the app for you! You can have your own personal account or a business account.  

  1. Planet Fitness

The Planet Fitness app allows you to track your fitness journey. It has tons of workout videos to choose from ranging from beginner to expert levels. It also has tutorials on how to properly do certain exercises and that will walk you through how to use gym equipment. You can also track your fitness progress and create target goals.  

  1. Fitbit

Fitbit’s main feature is that they track your steps. However, you can do so much more with the app. You can track your heartrate and fitness zones, your period, sleep patterns, oxygen level in your blood, and it has GPS tracking. The app also has a food log, which allows you to track your calories.

  1. Flo Ovulation and Period Tracker

Flo is one of the best apps for period tracking. It can create period cycle predictions, reminders, and graphs. It will also calculate ovulation and pregnancy to help you either avoid or achieve pregnancy. Another important feature is that it provides education and information on woman’s health.

  1. Noom

Noom has numerous health benefits. You can track calories and macros. It has a weight loss feature that creates personalized nutrition plans for you. It also has stress relieving features. You can even track your mood! What makes Noom special is that it educates you on your diet and the psychology behind it – write a little more about this.

  1. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is a great app for tracking your sleep patterns. If you are interested in sleep patterns or have troubles staying asleep at night– Sleep Cycle can help! It includes sleep aid, snore detection, sound detection, sleep notes, weekly snore reports, and a Who’s Snoring feature for partners.  

  1. MapMyWalk

MapMyWalk has great features for those of you who enjoy going on walks or anyone who wants to make it into a new habit! Some of its features include, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned, and allowing you to see how long you spent walking.

  1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a helpful tool for people wanting to stay balanced while creating meals. It includes macronutrients by the gram, food analysis, quick add foods, day-by-day goals, exercise calorie settings, and more.

  1. Headspace

Headspace is a meditation and mindfulness app. The app includes breathing exercises, body scans, attention focusing, a judgement free space for experiences, visualization and sitting meditation. If you are looking for a way to ease your stress and improve your focus and sleep Headspace might be for you!  

These ten health apps have our seal of approval. They are a great step in the right direction for choosing to focus on your health in 2023. Challenge yourself this year and meet your fitness and mindfulness goals. These resources are right at your fingertips and easy to use. Whether you want to focus on sleeping better, going on more walks, eating better, etc.– it’s all doable with this list!